Ajai Johnson

The Memory Fruit

The Memory Fruit is a performing art dance project that surrounds the idea of memory by examining the process of how we redact certain memories while holding onto others. By analyzing this process, we try to see the link between certain memories and who we are today. This piece accounts for the feeling of yearning and the need to return to memories, or in other words “returning to the glory days.” This phrase is commonly known within our society as one that wants to return back to times when we were happier or make a change to prevent a mistake.

Ajai F. Johnson is a fourth year Dance Education major at Arizona State University (ASU). His dance career started 7 years ago at Westview High School when he began training under McKenna Streett. After joining the ASU Dance Program, Johnson turned his focus to creating Postmodern Contemporary works fused with poetic and theatrical aspects. As a choreographer, he strives to question the psychological ideas of individuals and himself while exploring the working mind of humans in order to answer why we act or speak in a certain manner. How do our experiences shape who we are now? Using his personal experience in life as a driving point, Johnson is seeking answers to these questions. In the future, he strives to be a dance instructor at a secondary school, while owning a non-profit dance studio that promotes individual difference as a connecting point for community and unity.