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Maddie Ghikas

A Conversation

A Conversation is a navigation between what is being said and what is understood. Inspired by how individuals interact with the interpersonal and interpersonal, a dancer and a musician will explore how to communicate through various forms of artistic language.

Maddie Ghikas is a  senior at Arizona State University who is studying dance and integrated health, and she will graduate in May 2021. Ghikas grew up in Massachusetts where she began her dance career at a young age. After studying styles such as ballet, contemporary, and jazz, she chose to pursue a career in the dance industry. She is very interested in the way individuals interact with the world and the effects of these interactions on others. While completing her degrees at Arizona State University she has participated in a number of performances as both dancer and choreographer. Once her degrees are completed, Ghikas intends to pursue a Master’s degree, studying the impacts of the arts on the health of a population.