Mira Hills

True, False, and Floating Ribs

True, False, and Floating Ribs is a solo work that explores an order of operations that evaluates true or false to determine the response of true, Boolean Operators. The work reflects the overwhelming nature of determining the difference between true and/or/not false information. Inspired by white lies and disappointment, the work investigates information received and eliminates inappropriate hits that must be scanned before discarding, thus saving time and effort.

Mira Hills is currently studying at Arizona State University (ASU) and is pursuing her BFA in Dance and a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a Barrett Honors student. She has been training, performing, and creating movement for 19 years with mentors such as Liz Lerman, Keith Thompson, and Kristin Sudeikis. Mira has held internships and work study jobs at institutions including American Dance Festival, Orlando Ballet School, and Releve Dance Academy where she received hands-on experience in arts administration and pedagogical approaches. Mira’s goal as an arts entrepreneur and educator is to create a supportive and educational environment that will foster creativity within each student through art. Under the direction of Carolyn Koch, Mira has worked as a stage manager and lighting designer for dance productions at ASU. She has performed and/or choreographed for the Arizona State Dancing Devils,  ASU’s Undergraduate and Graduate Project Presentations, Fall Forward, Spring Dance Fest, American College Dance Association and Leonard Bernstein's Mass. Mira was awarded 1st place in the AzDEO Student Choreography Contest for her piece Compos Mentis, and she continues to create work that reflects her values of commitment, effective creativity, and vulnerability. Mira’s dream is to continue in the dance field as an instructor, artistic director, stage manager, and casting director of dance performance. To learn more and view samples of Mira’s work, visit