Shannon Smith

Decorative Hierarchy

Searching within prehistoric eras, Decorative Hierarchy researches the dinosaur and how far society has come since then. But have we changed that much? Within the world we create, every fourth day is birthday, and the advancement of hierarchy doesn't seem to change much. It's merely for decoration.

Shannon Smith is an upcoming dancer, student, and choreographer from Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently in her last year at Arizona State University (ASU) where she will receive a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Dance, a bachelor’s degree in English, and a minor degree in Spanish in Spring 2021. Her personal movement practice is influenced by her training and active research of concepts from GAGA Movement Language, Countertechnique, contemporary ballet, postmodern contemporary dance styles, and yoga. Within the past year, Shannon has presented work in multiple student choreography shows at ASU, the American Dance Festival, and the Phoenix Art Museum. In January 2020, her piece Post-Trauma Sponge was selected to perform a tiny dance at Breaking Ground Contemporary Dance Festival in Tempe, Arizona. Currently, she is working on her first evening-length production that explores constructions of reality and is set to premiere in May 2021. In addition to her pursuits in dance, Shannon is intrigued by language and rhetoric, and how they affect ideas within society. Her choreographic work is largely based around the micro and macro effects that words can have on the human experience. After graduation, she plans to travel (when possible) and expand her artistry as a dancer in a research-based company.