Steve Rosales

Poppy Meadows at the Cliff of the Infinite

Piece Description

Steve Rosales is currently finishing his fourth and final year at ASU. Although starting as a Dance Education Major, he made the switch to Dance to direct his focus towards developing his own movement technique and artistic voice as a dance creator. He is incredibly interested in exploring dance through all kinds of artistic approaches from process-heavy work, to spontaneously generative experiences within performative aesthetics. While his work can sometimes be hard to swallow, he doesn't take himself too seriously and enjoys playing with the spectrum between formality and ridiculousness. He loves the complexity and thought provoking layers of dance, but he also considers himself an entertainer, and he equally values the opportunity to excite audiences through extravagant performance. As a dancer, he delivers character, expression, and versatility throughout all kinds of dance modalities. As a choreographer, you can expect him to create something sad, unique, or stupid, or perhaps a tasteful combination of all three. He hopes to embed a fond memory of himself within everyone who has the opportunity to see him do what he loves most.